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Ar-Han Thai - Exclusive Lounge Bar
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COVID-19 Times

Year: 2016

Airconditioned Cheapest Bar in Central Kolkata with Wi-Fi Connectivity
We are the Cheapest Air-conditioned Bar in Central Kolkata giving our guests Wi-Fi connectivity.

Precautionary Measures Taken By ArhanthaiĀ 
At Arhanthai, we have taken all precautionary measures for our guests and our staff to remain safe and protected. We have to accept that these are difficult times, where correct measures are critical to sustained survival. Please have a look at the security measures we are undertaking.

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COVID 19 Precautions

Year: 2016

1. Mandatory Provision of Pedal Based Sanitizer & Thermal Screening at the entrance.

2. We have given Shield helmets for our Staff.

3. Wearing of Masks and Gloves is mandatory for our Staff.

4. We have Exclusive Contact Less Services where Members can Scan QR Code and Get Digital Menu on their Mobile Phones.

5. No Need of Paper Bills and Cash Transactions. We have provision for E-Billing and E-Payment Options to make it a Seamless and Contact Free Option.

6. Our Kitchen Staff is maintaining the highest level of hygiene and safety norms for food preparation as per FSSAI Guidelines.

7. Seating Arrangement to be made following adequate Social Distancing Norms.

8. Additional Patrons to be seated in a designated waiting area with norms of social distancing.

9. Regular Disinfection (using 1% sodium hypochlorite) of frequently touched surfaces (door knobs, tables, chairs etc) mandatory in all guest service & common areas

10. Separate entry & exits for patrons, staff and goods/supplies are maintained.