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Ar-Han Thai - Exclusive Lounge Bar
ArhanThai Group has been always remembered in the "City of Joy" Kolkata as one amongst the first and still the best in Thai Food. Along with its Thai Cuisine, Arhanthai has served Kolkatans with their delicious Indian and Chinese Gourmet. The Restaurant and Lounge bar has over the years gone from strength to strength by keeping their cuisine as unique as always. The Group has expanded its base to Axis Mall and South City Mall. International expansion has also happened with the group extending its business wings to South East Asia where the Timber Business has grown in leaps and bounds. The group has been ably led by Mr. Prabhakar Singh, CEO and has been supported well by Mr. Deep Prabhakar and Mr. Kanishk Prabhakar. Let's get into our History of how our journey started and is continuing over the years. Here are our principal milestones below:
The Struggle Story (Timeline)
ar-han thai


Mr. Singh started his career after clearing his Class XII exams. Still a student in an evening college in Kolkata, he joined a Cosmetics Company in the daytime to learn the art of approaching unknown people, speak to them and sell them the products.

1984 – 1985

Mr. Singh graduated from University in 1984 and from 1985 started marketing textiles, gift items and cosmetic products imported from Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, China and Malaysia.
ar-han thai
ar-han thai


Mr. Singh personally started visiting the above foreign locations for importing the products in India. He aggressively marketed in the retail sector of Kolkata and made a name for himself. His network of clients grew by the day.


Having extensively travelled in South East Asia, the turning point came in Mr. Singh’s career when he started a Travel Agency in Kolkata. He capitalized on his long term association with the retailers in Kolkata and became an expert travel agency in East Asia. The travel agency became a huge success where it arranged for travel plans across East Asia in countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Nepal and China.

ar-han thai
ar-han thai


Mr. Singh purchased Land in the heart of Kolkata for his upcoming restaurant project.


Started Arhanthai Bar and Restaurant specializing in Thai food. He introduced Kolkata to authentic Thai cuisine with the chef flying in from Thailand. The Thai embassy was also invited and the restaurant won accolades for its authenticity in Thai food preparation.

ar-han thai
ar-han thai


With the shopping mall culture coming to Kolkata, the first shopping mall came in Forum. Mr. Singh was quick to capitalize on the Arhanthai brand with the introduction of ‘Shawarma’ & ‘Donnere Kebabs’. These were a huge hit in the ‘City of Joy’ as they tasted the delicacies of these items. The number of shopping mall food outlets increased from one to all the major malls in Kolkata which included Avani, Axis, South City etc.

During this period, Mr. Singh also carried out import of fruits in India which fetched him considerable revenue.


Finally, the pub culture had arrived in Kolkata. Being an ardent businessman he is, Mr. Singh quickly decided to turn his bar cum restaurant into a live singing bar.

ar-han thai
ar-han thai

2008 till date

The pub business flourished and Mr. Singh added 5 more bars to make it six in a row along with off shops. Mr. Singh also kept increasing his real estate quest with purchasing properties in the heart of Kolkata to functional as semi shopping malls. He took franchisees of leading brands like Nike, Benetton and Levis and the group expanded further.

Future Global Business Plans: Mr. Singh’s transformation continues from a well established restaurateur to a Hotelier as he embarks on his journey to open a 4 star hotel in London along with his brother who is a British Citizen.

He already has a plan to open a 3 star Hotel in the central business district of Kolkata.

Awards: He is being awarded as the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ from IBBF in the British Parliament in London on the 24th of May 2017.

ar-han thai